Frequently Asked Questions

Sewer & Drain

Regardless of the size of your problem. We can handle anything from simple repairs to full installations. We provide reliable and affordable sewer repair services to property owners in Chicago, IL.

Some of our services are-

  • Re-piping
  • Leaky pipe repair
  • Sewer and drain clearing
  • Main sewer installation and service
  • Water heater installation and repair

....and more!

Serious clogs require extra power to clear. Our professionals can blast through even the toughest of clogs with hydrojetting services.

Hydrojetting utilizes high-intensity water pressure to remove blockages and buildup. Your sewer line clog won't stand a chance against our hydrojetting services.

Yes, we do! Call us today.

  • It's eco-friendly
  • Can prevent serious sewage backups
  • Clears out tough clogs that other drain cleaning methods can't
  • Can be done quickly without disrupting your routine
  • Saves you money by eliminating future blockage issues

Get reliable hydrojetting services by calling 1-844-4SEWERS right away.

The line may be draining slower than normal, maybe gurgling, filling up, and taking time to drain. The sewer line may cause the toilet not to flush properly, there may be a sewer smell throughout the house, and there may be water/sewerage coming out of a lower-level floor drain.

Routine maintenance is a key factor. Do not flush any type of wipes, paper towels, or feminine products.

Routine maintenance is recommended yearly. And/or anytime things seem abnormal with draining.

Timing all depends on the issue at hand, what is causing and the severity of the blockage.

If there is a cleanout station or outside access to the sewer line, homeowner presence is not required.

Older pipes can be damaged by harsh chemicals.

Call a competent service technician to assess the problem.

Yes, We offer Emergency Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services.

In most cases, it is not, unless there is an endorsement/rider to the policy that covers drain/sewer maintenance.

Hydro Jetting

In most cases, hydrojetting will completely clear the drain, but this is mostly determined by the severity of the blockage.

Knowing the access to the drain/sewer line and having this area cleared of obstacles is an advantage when timing and cleanliness are concerns.

The timing of the hydrojetting service is determined by the severity of the blockage and access to the drain/sewer line.

Hydrojetting is safe for most plumbing systems.

Hydrojetting is an Eco-friendly option for drain cleaning.

Ejector Pump

Constant running of the pump is a sign that there is an issue. the pump pit overflowing. if lower-level toilets are not flushing properly.

Do not flush wipes, paper towels, or feminine products down the line.

Ejector pumps can handle both solid and liquid waste.

Sump Pump

One to two hours, case by case basis.

No permits are required to swap out a sump pump.

A sump pump is capable of handling multiple areas or zones of property.

The longevity of a sump pump depends on the brand of the sump pump used and its frequency in your system.